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Sportsmanship and other sports values such as teamwork and fair play have played significant roles in empowering individuals and strengthening communities. We can all gain from the experience of others.

Sportsmanship Story Submissions

Please send us your story, ideally in 300 words or less, and we will share on this site. Over time we hope to amass a treasure of stories that convey the positive impact that sports values can have in our society.

  • Describe an inspiring “sportsmanship moment” that you saw or experienced.
  • How did that incident impact you or your community?

Please remember this is a family site, so we will need to remove any submissions that are not suitable for youth’s consumption either in language or subject matter.

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Sportsmanship Stories

JUN 28, 2016

They Were Strangers at the Starting Line. Less Than 20 Minutes Later, They Were Eternally Linked

AUG 01, 2014

Story Adapted From Inspiring Stories of Sportsmanship