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Athletes in Schools

The Rose Bowl Institute champions sportsmanship, leadership, and citizenship.


Through educational programs, focused dialogues, and awards, the Institute leverages the power of sports to unite people around positive sports values and to bridge civic differences through sports.

The Need for Civic Literacy. Many have cited the need in the United States for greater civic literacy at the junior and high school levels. In response to this nationwide need, the Rose Bowl Institute sends athletes into schools to encourage students to embrace sportsmanship as citizenship.

Sportsmanship Citizenship

Appreciation of the game Understanding the democratic process

Fair play in sports Following the rule of law

Respect for one’s opponent Respect for the “other” in politics

Teamwork Collaboration for collective action where needed

Personal integrity Personal accountability

Being a good sport is just as important as being a good pure athlete. A sportsmanship mentality is better than “winning at all costs.” And being a good citizen is critical to the future of this country.

In partnership with the National Constitution Center, RBi creates talking points for athletes, connecting sportsmanship directly with citizenship, and provides follow-up materials for teachers and students. In other partnerships (in formation), RBi aligns existing “athletes in schools” activities with sportsmanship and civic literacy.

The impact of this program is to interest American youth in becoming good citizens on the field and in their communities.

In so doing the Institute:

Inspires students by facilitating athletes to speak in schools on sportsmanship as citizenship. In this attention economy, where information overloads us and one’s time and attention are the scarcity, athletes are one of the few ways to rise above the fog of data and gain young people’s attention. It is a far better way than the anger, fear, hate and sensationalism that often serves as the attention - getter. Athletes have the students’ attention and respect and can get messages across.

Educates students on civic literacy by gaining their attention and developing materials via the Rose Bowl Institute’s partnership with the nationally renowned National Constitution Center.

Empowers students by leaving them with materials developed in association with the National Constitution Center and encouraging them to use the NCC’s Interactive Constitution.